1. Civil Process

    Located on the 2nd floor of the Scott County Law Enforcement Center, the Sheriff’s Civil Process Unit provides the service of all legal process (papers) received from individuals, private attorneys, the court and other county agencies.

  2. Communications Division

    The Scott County Sheriff’s Communications Division is the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) for the approximate 120,000 residents of Scott County, as well as the many visitors and commuters traveling throughout the County.

  3. Emergency Management & Homeland Security

    Emergency Management includes emergency preparedness and assisting in the process of planning, organizing and coordinating emergency events within Scott County.

  4. Investigations Unit

    The mission of the Investigative Unit is to serve the citizens of Scott County by investigating cases and assuring that the cases are brought to an equitable conclusion.

  5. Patrol Unit

    The Sheriff's Office patrol unit works to provide assistance to the 7 municipalities 24/7.

  6. Records & Support Staff

    Sheriff Records is responsible for maintaining all criminal history, investigative reports and criminal files for the Sheriff's Office.

  7. Reserve Unit

    The main purpose of the Scott County Reserve Unit is to support the Sheriff’s Office mission statement and goals.