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Scott County is excited to offer CEO Next Business Institute aimed at cultivating "second stage" business grow and thrive in our region. Scott County - in  partnership with Hennepin, Ramsey, Carver and Dakota Counties, and the Edward Lowe Foundation - wants to help growing businesses make better decisions for the future through strategic research, facilitated CEO discussions of relevant issues, and interest forums. Scott County is part of the largest multi-county second-stage business growth program in the nation. 

Over the course of eight months, accepted companies will participate in CEO roundtables and forums, as well as spend approximately 50 hours collaborating with the research team. The best part – all of the fees associated with the CEO Next program are covered by Scott County. If you are able and willing to devote time to the program, CEO Next may be the answer you’re looking for to take your business to the next level.  

What is it?

  • The County provides scholarships to owners of second stage growth businesses for business research combined with peer learning and business forums. 
  • 2023-2024 program starts in fall 2023 -- enrollment begins this summer (2023). 

What businesses are eligible?

  • Privately held businesses 
  • 10-99 employees 
  • Revenue between $1M-$50M 
  • Ready to transition from small to large — past start-up stage but not yet mature 
  • Appetite and aptitude for growth 

How does it work?

 The CEO Next program provides:

  • Custom research: 40-60 hours per chief operating officer 
  • Chief operating officer (CEO) round tables sessions: 8 half-day sessions 
  • CEO forum events: 4 sessions for CEOs and additional companies per session 

For More Information

Contact Brad Davis, Scott County Planning Director: [email protected]