Senior Services

Resources are available through Scott County and the State of Minnesota to help seniors live well. Click on the tabs below to browse resources by topic. 

Adult Protection: This County department is authorized to investigate the abuse, neglect and exploitation of vulnerable adults who reside in a community setting, and to provide protective services and community support. To make a vulnerable adult report, call the Common Entry Point at 952-496-8959.

Assessments through Home & Community Care: MnCHOICES assessments help people make decisions about long term care needs. This service uses the expertise of social workers and nurses to help people stay in their homes by helping them find resources to make it possible. Call Home and Community Care Intake at 952-496-8556.

Home and Community "Waiver" Based Services: The goal of the Home and Community "Waiver" based services is to help seniors and their families know the resources available to help them. We offer assistance through phone consultations, in-person service assessments, and support planning. To learn more, call Home and Community Care Intake at 952-496-8556.

  • Alternative Care (AC) funds are for people with modest income and assets who choose community living rather than a nursing home.
  • Elderly Waiver (EW) funds are for people eligible for Medical Assistance who need nursing home levels of care but choose community living.