Voter Information

Voting Information from the Office of the MN Secretary of State 

Provides information on voting absentee, registering online or on paper, how to see if you’re already registered, and voting if you’re a college student, in the military, living overseas, or have a criminal record.

I need to register to vote or check my registration status

Where do I vote?

Who represents me?

Provides a list of current state and federal representatives – includes party affiliation and district numbers as appropriate, based on your physical address. 
More Information
  • VoteSmartProvides information about the candidates, including their voting records, speeches, issue positions, and campaign finances. “VoteEasy” is a tool you can use to compare your positions on a variety of issues with those of the candidates.
  • This nonpartisan, nonprofit website monitors the accuracy of what is said by U.S. politicians in speeches, debates, interviews, and other media outlets, through thorough research.