Business Recycling Grants

Scott County is committed to increasing recycling rates and organic recovery by the year 2030. The purpose of this grant program is to reach out to businesses and help them increase recycling-organic efforts and achieve compliance with State requirements. 

Grants are open to businesses, schools, cities and townships in Scott County for recycling and organics initiatives. 

Grant Funding 
Businesses and institutions can apply for grants to reimburse their new recycling and organic program costs. Grants are available for up to $25,000. Scott County may reimburse approved grant requests up to $10,000 with no match required; and may reimburse 50% of the grant request over $10,000. Grant requests for over $10,000 will require a 50% cash match from the applicant for the amounts above $10,000.

A MN Waste Wise Foundation Specialist will start by conducting a free 30‐minute waste assessment at your business. The specialist will then review options for you to reduce what goes in the trash dumpster at your business. These options may include starting a food waste recycling program or putting more paper, plastic, metal and glass materials in the recycling bin. Ultimately, these changes could save your business money by reducing the size of your trash dumpster or the frequency of pickup.