The Scott County Attorney's Office strongly supports crime prevention and programs that have been proven to reduce recidivism. These are some of the initiatives supported by the Scott County Attorney's Office.

Treatment Court

The Scott County Treatment Court is the newest initiative in Scott County, and follows the documented success of specialty Drug Courts across the State of Minnesota. The purpose is to provide nonviolent drug-addicted offenders treatment for their addiction and avoid future criminal offenses by these offenders. Research also shows that when these strategies are implemented correctly, they improve public safety and save taxpayer dollars.

Learn more:  Scott County Drug Court Information (PDF)

Choose Not to Use

Choose Not To Use is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating and preventing the use of illegal drugs in children kindergarten through grade 12. Choose Not To Use partners with Climb Theater to teach students about some of the dangers of drug use. As a non-profit organization, Choose Not To Use relies upon donations from the community, and puts on an annual golf tournament to raise money to cover its operations.  

Worthless Check Program

The Scott County Worthless Check program is available to business operating in Scott County. The program is limited to checks written for amounts between $20 to $2,000, and for checks returned NSF, Account Closed, or "Refer to Maker."  If these criteria are satisfied, then Scott County Businesses may enter the Worthless Check program with the Scott County Attorney's Office to help collect these amounts.

Learn more: Worthless Check Program Packet (PDF)