Civil Division

The Civil Division of the County Attorney’s Office provides legal services to the Scott County Board and County departments. The Civil Division’s responsibilities include:   

  • General Legal Advice - advising employees and elected and appointed officials about applicable laws governing questions that arise in the day to day work of the County.
  • Civil Litigation – representing County officials and employees in civil court claims and lawsuits involving the County.
  • Contracts - providing legal advice to departments about contracts and other legal documents.
  • Employment - providing legal advice and representation to the Employee Relations department and all other County departments on labor and employment matters.
  • Real Property - representing the County in property tax appeals, condemnation proceedings, purchases, leasing and other property-related matters.
  • Child Protection – providing legal advice and representation to the Social Services Department in child abuse and neglect cases.
  • Child Support – representing Health and Human Services in legal proceedings to establish paternity and child support.
  • Civil Commitment – providing legal services for the civil commitment of chemically dependent, mentally ill, and mentally ill and dangerous individuals.
  • Forfeitures – obtaining civil forfeiture of property used in connection with certain crimes.

Citizens Seeking Advice

The County Attorney does not provide legal advice to members of the general public. The County Attorney and his staff are not permitted to represent, provide legal advice to, or provide legal services to private citizens.