Comprehensive Water Resource Management Plan

Watershed Management Plan 2009-2018

The Scott Watershed Management Organization (Scott WMO) is beginning the process of creating the next generation plan (2018 – 2026), due to be completed by the end of 2018. Check back for periodic updates on the process and relevant meetings on the Plan Update page.

The Scott WMO Water Resource Management Plan is a ten-year plan that defines top issues and priorities for managing, protecting, and preserving natural surface and groundwater systems within the Scott WMO and Scott County. The plan includes goals, policies, and strategies, and will be prepared in accordance with Minnesota Statutes 103B.231 and Minnesota Rule 8410. This is the WMO’s third generation watershed management plan. The 2009 – 2018 current plan expires December 31, 2018.

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2018 Comprehensive Water Resource Plan