The Scott County Sheriff’s Office has upgraded its emergency mass notification system.  The system, CodeRED, is a high-speed telephone emergency notification service allowing public safety agencies the ability to deliver pre-recorded information to targeted areas within the county.

There are several types of situations which could lead to a notification from CodeRED, including:
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Alert Type
How to Receive Notifications
Emergency Most Scott County land lines in area of the emergency and anyone who registers online to CodeRED.
Amber alerts, evacuations, active shooters, wildfire, etc.
General Go to the CodeRED website, register and check the "General Notifications" checkbox.
Road closures, utility outages, water main breaks, etc.
Weather Go to the CodeRED website, register, and check the "Weather Notifications" checkbox.
Tornado, flash flood, thunderstorm or winter storm warnings, etc.
Please note: CodeRED is provided as a supplemental emergency communication method and should not be relied upon exclusively.

CodeRED Message
CodeRED will attempt to deliver the message to each registered number up to 3 times in order to maximize the number of delivered messages. The messages will consist of 6 key elements:
  1. Statement that it is a CodeRED emergency message from Scott County Sheriff’s Office.
  2. Time and date of the call.
  3. Scope of the emergency.
  4. Area(s) affected by emergency.
  5. Action that needs to be taken.
  6. Directions for obtaining more information.
Although many landline telephones are automatically registered with the emergency notification database, you are encouraged to go online and register your own personal information. By doing so, you will be ensuring that the data pertaining to you and your home is as accurate as possible.


The CodeRED™ notification service (the “Service”) is provided as a supplemental emergency communication method and should not be relied upon exclusively. Scott County (the “County”) does not make any warranties of any kind, either express or implied, with regards to the Service, including without limitation, warranties about the accuracy, completeness, or delivery of any information posted or transmitted by the Authority through the CodeRED™ System. There is no guarantee that a notification will reach any particular resident upon activation. By providing the Service, the County does not assume a duty of care, nor does it waive any protections of Minnesota Statute with regard to immunity or liability protections. Neither the County, nor any of their affiliates, agents, contractors, or respective employees, shall be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, reliance, punitive, or consequential damages or for lost profits or revenues or lost data or costs of cover relating to the Service, regardless of the legal theory under which liability is asserted.