How to Use 911

When to Call 911

Don't hesitate to call 911 whenever you need police, fire, or medical response. The 911 system was created to make it easy to request police, fire or medical response. Scott County Dispatchers will assist you in determining the appropriate response to your call.

The Scott County 911 system is an enhanced system, meaning that dispatchers will already have some data to help identify the location from which your call is being made. However, they will ask you a few questions to help them determine the type of assistance and where it is needed.

Non-Emergency Calls

If your call is not an emergency, please call the Scott County Non-Emergency line at 952-445-1411.

Examples of calls that should be directed to this number:

  • Questions about impounded vehicles.
  • To speak with an officer or have one return your call.
  • To speak with a detective about your case.
  • Questions about County ordinances.

Accidental Calls & Hang Ups to 911

If you accidentally dial 911, please stay on the line and let us know that. If we receive a 911 hang up, we will call the phone number back. If we are unable to make contact, we will send officers. If we make contact with you and you say everything is fine, that’s usually the end of it. However, on occasion we may still send officers to do a welfare check on you.

Digital Networks & 911

With the increasing use of digital networks, users need to be aware that due to extremely quiet switching; once you have dialed 911, it may seem like your call did not connect.

Callers are hanging up and redialing. It may take upwards of eight seconds to connect from the time you finish dialing. If you are sure you dialed 911, stay on the line and wait until the dispatcher answers or at least 15 seconds has gone by before trying again. This may seem like an eternity when you are at the scene of an emergency, but stay on the line; your call will go through.