Emergency Management

Emergency Management includes emergency preparedness and assisting in the process of planning, organizing and coordinating emergency events within Scott County. This department maintains the Emergency Operations plan, 911 addressing, floodplain management and various emergency response actions. Emergency Management is a federal- and state-mandated department which has been an active part of the emergency response network within Scott County.

Scott County is committed to preventing, protecting, and mitigating against hazards in any way we can, while fostering an environment in which citizens have prepared for and planned for emergency situations.

Please take some time to review our website and use the tips found here to help prepare your loved ones and yourself for an emergency.

Emergency Management Process

There are 5 phases to the Emergency Management process: 

  1. Preparing
  2. Protecting
  3. Mitigating
  4. Responding
  5. Recovering from an emergency

Emergency Management is a dynamic process. Planning, though critical, is not the only component. Training, conducting drills, testing equipment and coordinating activities with the community and other public safety agencies are other important functions.

Division Responsibilities

The Scott County Emergency Management and Homeland Security Division is charged with coordinating the emergency preparedness and homeland security efforts for the county. In addition to writing emergency response plans and conducting public education, we provide assistance to local jurisdictions and county agencies before, during and after disasters strike. We also work closely with local, state, and federal officials, and cooperatively with neighboring jurisdictions, to enhance homeland security and better prepare for and respond to incidents ranging from tornadoes to terrorism.

Homeland Security

Homeland Security involves working with all aspects of public safety - from the federal level to individual citizens - to ensure the most comprehensive and coordinated approach to the protection of public safety. The division works with multiple agencies and jurisdictions to coordinate information, training, and equipment needed for protecting the county and the nation from acts of terrorism. In the unfortunate event that such an act is perpetrated upon us, Emergency Management and Homeland Security staff will work with these agencies and jurisdictions to meet the problem quickly, mitigate its effect, inform the public, and reduce the chances that such an event can happen again.

Public Information and Warning

One of Emergency Management's core capabilities is Public Information and Warning. Scott County Emergency Management utilizes a variety of methods to keep the public informed, including through our website, social media pages, classroom training, and our mass notification system, CodeRED

CodeRED allows county and city public safety officials to send emergency messages to you by cell phone, e-mail, and/or text message. If you would like to receive CodeRED messages, please sign up by clicking on the logo below. If you need assistance signing up, please contact Scott County Emergency Management at 952-496-8181.

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