Patrol Unit

About the Patrol Unit

The Sheriff's Office Patrol Unit is made up of deputies and sergeants who are responsible for providing primary law enforcement services for the 10 townships and the City of Credit River and to provide assistance to the 7 municipalities 24/7.

Deputies perform a broad range of activities, which include investigating crimes such as disturbances, domestic violence incidents, suspicious activities, traffic enforcement, medical emergencies, motor vehicles crashes, and other calls for service.

Patrol deputies in Scott County work rotating shifts involving daytime and evening hours, as well as weekends and holidays.

Special Assignments

K9 Unit

K9 Deputy “Floyd” is the Sheriff's Office's patrol dog. Deputy Floyd and his handler are required to complete an annual certification as well as monthly training. This K9 team specializes in criminal suspect searches, apprehensions, narcotics, evidence searches, area searches, scene security, and tracking.

Public education is also an important element of the K9 Unit. They conduct public demonstrations for neighborhood, civic and community organizations on a regular basis.

Recreational Safety

This unit is committed to maintaining a safe lake and snowmobile environment while providing a proactive, knowledgeable, and courteous work force, which is able to assist the public while enforcing laws relate to recreation vehicles.

Currently, recreational safety consists of one full time deputy, who is assisted by other deputies, involved in water, snowmobile patrol and ATV enforcement. Members of this unit have a special interest in patrolling the lakes and rivers in Scott County, as well as snowmobiling and patrolling on all terrain vehicles. They receive regular training on current laws and recreational related safety issues. After the snow melts but before the water warms up, these deputies monitor truck traffic to ensure compliance of seasonal road restrictions.

Deputy Max Kes, the Recreational Safety Deputy, can be reached at [email protected].

DNR ATV Safety Enforcement Grant Program 2021-2022 Participant Completion Report (PDF)

DNR Snowmobile Safety Enforcement Grant Program 2022-2023 Participant Completion Report (PDF)