Sheriff's Office Records & Support Staff

Sheriff Records is responsible for maintaining all criminal history, investigative reports and criminal files for the Sheriff's Office. The records section also forwards required information to the proper agencies [i.e. Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)].

Obtaining a Copy of an Accident or Incident Report

If you need a copy of an crash/incident report taken by the Sheriff's Office, jail booking records, or other records relating to the Sheriff's Office, you may request it online through the ONLINE DATA REQUEST PORTAL

If you are requesting any data that isn't classified as "public", Sheriff's Office staff will contact you to provide required photo identification to process your request. The Sheriff's Office DOES NOT maintain marriage, birth, death or other various court records. For vital records, please contact Customer Service at 952-496-8150. For court records, please contact Court Administration at 952-496-8200.

To expedite your requests, it’s helpful if you have most or all of the following information:

  • Date and time of the incident
  • Incident Complaint Number (ICR)
  • Location of the incident
  • Name(s) of victims, complainants or other parties involved

Waiting Period

Access to criminal incident reports depends on the status of the report and your involvement in the report. Criminal incident reports may not be available for up to 5 days after the report was taken. Accident reports are not required on all motor vehicle crashes and may not be available for up to 10 days after the crash. Release of accident reports are limited to parties involved and/or their legal representative.

Mail-in requests with fees are accepted. Legal representatives, such as attorneys, insurance companies, etc, require a signed authorization from the party represented.

News Media Requests

For general news media requests, please visit our Media Contacts page.

Uniform Patch Requests  

The Sheriff's Office receives numerous requests from throughout the world for uniform patches. For security purposes, the SCSO’S uniform patch will only be issued to authorized employees of the Sheriff's Office. The Scott County Sheriff's Office uniform patch is not available to the public and is not available for purchase.