Victim Information Notification (VINE) System

Victim Information Notification (VINE) is a free, 24 hour telephone service that provides notification on an offender’s release, transfer or other status information. Victims and the public may register at anytime for notification by calling the toll free line 877-MN-4-VINE (877-664-8463) or register online at VINE's website.


VINE will begin to notify a registered victim 15 minutes after an inmate is released from custody. VINE will make notification calls to registered victims at 30 minute intervals for 48 hours. Calling hours are increased to every 2 hours in the event a message is left on an answering machine. Notification calls will be discontinued when contact is made with the registered victim or 48 hours of time elapses.

Do not depend solely on the VINE Service for your protection. If you feel that you may be at risk, take precautions as if the offender has already been released.