Court Security


Entering the Justice Center

Planning to visit the Justice Center (Court House, Court Administration, Community Corrections, Law Library, County Attorney’s Office)? To enter the Justice Center, you must first go through the Point of Entry Screening area. This consists of a walk-through metal detector and an x-ray screening of your belongings. The process is similar to what you would experience at the airport.


Court Security questions should be directed to Sgt. Spencer Autenrieth at [email protected].

Amnesty Box at the point of entry to Court SecurityProhibited Items

No weapons, illegal drugs, or drug paraphernalia are allowed in the Justice Center. It is a felony to bring weapons into the Courthouse. Please follow posted signage. 

No knives are allowed into the Justice Center, even if they are perfectly legal to carry outside of the Justice Center. One of the most common items that are confiscated at the Justice Center are small, folding pocket knives. 

Absolutely no firearms are allowed in the Justice Center, except by on-duty Peace Officers.

Using the Amnesty Box

Prior to entering the screening area, you are given a choice to return restricted items to your vehicle or place them into the Amnesty Box. If placed into the Amnesty box, you will not get the item back.