Great Summer Read Down

What is the Great Summer Read Down?

You can reduce or “read down” late fees on your library card by reading (or being read to) in the library. Receive $2 off for every 20 minutes starting May 24th. Speak with library staff to sign in and starting earning!

Why is the library doing this?

Fines  happen. It can be frustrating to have your card blocked (over $10 in fees) when you want to check out library items.  We want to give everyone the opportunity to reduce their fines and encourage reading habits. 

How To Participate

  • Visit your local library during open hours
  • Speak with library staff to sign in
  • READ any print materials you like (or have someone read to you)
  • Sign out with staff when you are done reading 
  • You will receive $2.00 off fees for every 20 minutes you read
  • Repeat as often as you’d like

Read Down Rules (The Fine Print)

  • Read Down in the library begins May 24 and runs until August 31 
  • Read Down is for everyone
  • Earn $2.00 off library card late fees for every 20 minutes of reading (no limit)
  • Read Down only applies to late fees (sorry, no lost item fees, purchases, copying, printing or Interlibrary loan borrowing fees). 
  • Must read or be read to in the library (print materials only)
  • Read Down has no cash value; it cannot be applied to future charges

Great Summer Read Down