Scott County Delivers

​What is "Scott County Delivers"?

"Scott County Delivers" is the next logical step in the "Delivering What Matters" continual improvement cycle, basically taking a look at our data at the service, not the department, level.  This next step allows everyone to see our services through the spectrum of programs, processes, and departments that contribute to our desired outcomes,...helping to deepen the understanding of what is working well, and where we can concentrate our efforts on making improvement.

Materials and Videos

Since January 2017, the Scott County Delivers presentations have been made before the Scott County Board of Commissioners as part of its regular agenda, typically on the third Tuesday of each month (with some exceptions), and is televised just like any regular meeting.  

Scott County Delivers materials are available prior to the Board Meeting.  A video presentation of the session will be available after the meeting. 

Most Recent Materials  In the Agenda Center, to access the materials, click on the “Download” button and select “Agenda.”  To view the video presentation, click the “Media” link.

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