Meeting Rooms

Use a Room at Your Library

Did you know there are free rooms in all Scott County Libraries? Whether you're studying with a buddy or hosting an event, you're invited to be our guest. Make sure to check out the collapsible tabs below to learn about reservations, policies, and more.

The Savage Library's Large Meeting Room is temporarily unavailable until mid-2024 due to an expansion project. Learn more about the Savage expansion. 

Private Study Rooms (Capacity: 1-3 guests)

  • Best for individual activities like studying, taking a phone call, and resting.  
  • Can be found in every SCL location except the Belle Plaine Library. 
  • Available on a first-come, first-served basis, no reservations required.
  • Tip: If you want more flexible visiting times or prefer quieter periods, signing up for Extended Access lets you use study rooms anytime from 6am - 10pm!

Small Meeting Rooms (Capacity: 2-10 guests) 

  • Best for small group sit-down gatherings with few movement needs.
  • Can be found in every SCL location except the Belle Plaine Library. 
  • Reservations required during regular staffed hours only, operate like study rooms during Extended Access periods. 
  • No AV systems available.

Large Meeting Rooms (Capacity: 10+ guests)

  • Enhanced for larger gatherings and groups that prefer ample space for movement.
  • Can be found in every SCL location.  
  • Reservations required at all times.
  • Locked at all times, make sure to pick up a Rental Kit during staffed hours to obtain a key and other helpful accessories. 
  • AV systems available. 
  • Tip: The largest room in our system is the Community Room at the Elko New Market Library.