CH 79 Trail Project

  • Construction Year: 2017
  • Community: Shakopee
  • Corridor Served: CH 79 & CH 78
  • Project Lead: Scott County

The project was awarded to BJK Land Company.  Work began on the project May 22nd 2017 with tree clearing.  Grading work to begin Tuesday, May 30th.  Construction for the entire project is expected to be complete in Fall 2017


A trail will be constructed on the east side of County Highway (CH) 79 from CH 78 to CH 16 in the city of Shakopee.  A section of trail will also be constructed on the north side of CH 78 starting at CH 79 and continuing east to the existing trail recently constructed near CH 17.  The County held an Open House on June 17, 2015 at Jackson Township Hall. See the CH 79 Trail Project Newsletter (PDF).

Purpose & Justification

In 2014 Scott County was awarded federal funding to construct a section of trail along both County Highway (CH) 79 and CH 78 in 2017.  A trail would allow residents and children to walk or bike along these roads in a safer environment over existing conditions.

Preliminary Project Schedule

  • Open House - June 17, 2015
  • Design Work - Summer 2015
  • Right-of-Way - 2015-2016
  • Construction - May to August, 2017

Location Map 1

79-11Trail Open House Map 1 of 2

Location Map 2

79-11 Trail Open House Map 2 of 2