Government Center Campus Improvements

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Visiting the Scott County Government Center campus soon?  There are some big changes coming – check out this short video for more information and tips. 

Check out these two great videos marking the progress of the Government Center Improvement Projects!  
Government Center II (Shakopee)
Public Works improvements (Jordan)

Where can you park?  Updated April 21, 2021

When you have to visit the Scott County Government Center campus (which includes the Government Center, the Justice Center, and the Law Enforcement Center in Shakopee), please be aware of parking restrictions as the new facility is constructed and improvements are made to the existing buildings.  We appreciate your patience during this project.

Temporary Parking Changes, Effective April 21, 2021
With construction still ongoing in and around the Scott County Government Center campus in Shakopee, visitors should be aware of some upcoming changes to parking availability.  Please refer to the corresponding map for more details – some lots are reserved for the public, some for staff and the public, and some for Scott County staff members. ** Please note:  All public streets surrounding the Scott County Government Center campus are available for public parking, provided there are no temporary street closures in effect.

Lot A:  Closed May 3 – 26, 2021
Lot B:  Open May 28, 2021
Lot E:  Closed until March 2022
Lot F:  Closed May 24 – 31, 2021 

The map also shows the designated public and staff-only entrances to the Government Center West, the Government Center East, the Justice Center, and the Law Enforcement Center.  

Government Center Parking 4-21

Click here for a printable version of this map.

Government Center Campus Improvements new

Click here to watch a short video about all of the great upcoming improvements to the Government Center campus!

Click here to go to the Scott County Government Center Campus Improvement playlist on the County's YouTube channel!

The History.

Given historical trends and present and future needs, a study was commissioned in February 2016 to forecast Government Center Campus space needs to accommodate a growing population through 2040.  The purpose of the study was to provide verifiable, accurate information to the Scott County Board of Commissioners to help in making strategic, long-term decisions regarding the use of and investment in County facilities. 

The space study guiding principles were:

  • Centralize and enhance quality customer service
  • Retain/attract employees through an inviting, flexible, and unifying work atmosphere
  • Develop consistent safety/security standards
  • Define staff/public separation, preserve welcoming spaces
  • Create adaptable/flexible spaces
  • Utilize technology for work space mobility and efficiency, while maintaining cost and personal interactions
  • Provide services that extend to all areas of the County
In consultation with appropriate Scott County staff, Wold Architects and Engineers developed a staffing study and a building use needs study for short and long-term use, a recommendation as to how best to achieve greater efficiencies, and a building program as to how and where to meet the demands for current and future operations.  

Information was gathered through an online survey, a workshop, an open house, and ongoing meetings/discussions; the study effort was also guided and informed by several groups representing Scott County.  The resulting study projected needs through 2040, and was focused on developing good solutions that support the County’s mission.  A final report, which included recommendations, was submitted in September 2017.

From 1990 to 2015, the number of staff has grown from 450 to about 715 (full time equivalent) employees.  Even as Scott County has become a much more efficient organization (adding only 265 employees in the past 25 years), the County’s population is projected to grow to 190,000 by 2040 – and new employees will be needed to meet the service needs and expectations of a new and diversifying population.  

The Project.

The Scott County Government Center campus will be undergoing some significant improvements between spring 2019 and late 2022, which will include:

The construction of a new facility: 

A new facility will be constructed just to the west of the current Government Center and to the north of the existing Justice Center to accommodate future growth, centralize customer services, increase efficiencies, and improve access to facilities and parking.

Renovations to the Justice Center:

The renovation of the Justice Center will add much-needed courtrooms to an overcrowded building.

Renovations to the Government Center:

A series of smaller renovation projects will address the needs and challenges of 30- to 50-year-old infrastructure.

New storage at Public Works:

A new storage building at the Public Works facility near Jordan to extend the life of existing equipment that is currently being stored outdoors.

All of these projects are aimed at improving the safety and security of the public and County employees.  In addition, it will allow for 183 new parking spaces, an increase from 378 to 570.

In the news.

Click here for the article featured in the June/July Scott County SCENE.

High Level Timelines (subject to change)

Central Shop

February 2020:  Substantial completion
March 2020:  Staff move-in
May 2020:  Final site work
June 2020:  Grand Opening

Government Center II (new building)
April/May 2020:  Building structure complete
June/July 2020:  Building exterior enclosure complete
August 2020 - February 2021:  Building interior construction
Late winter/early spring 2021:  Furniture installation, staff move-in
Late spring/early summer 2021:  Grand Opening

​Law Enforcement Center (court room renovation)

Spring 2020: Design phase
Summer 2020:  Bidding phase
Late summer/early fall 2020: Commence construction
Winter 2020:  Substantial completion
Late winter 2021: Construction complete

Government Center I/Justice Center renovations
Spring 2020:  Design phase
Summer 2020:  Bidding phase
Summer 2021:  Commence construction
Spring 2022:  Grand Opening  

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