Animal Control Services

The Scott County Sheriff's Office provides animal services outside of limits of the municipalities in Scott County.  The County contracts all of its animal services through Minnesota Critter Getter.  If you are in need of animal services in any of the 11 townships in Scott County, you can contact Minnesota Critter Getter directly or call Scott County Dispatch.

If you are in need of animal services within the city limits of Prior Lake, Shakopee, Jordan, Savage, Belle Plaine, or Elko New Market, please contact the police department of that respective town.  Or, if you are unsure of the location to be serviced, you can call Scott County Dispatch and they will direct you to the correct agency.

Minnesota Critter Getter:  507-248-3155; 
Dispatch (emergency):  911
Dispatch (non-emergency):  952-445-1411

Examples of animal services Critter Getter provides to the public include:

  • Stray dog pick up and/or any loose animal pick up
  • Wild animal calls to include rabid or dangerous wild animal
  • Reports of lost animals

You can also check Minnesota Critter Getter’s website for found animals: