Animal Control Services

The Scott County Sheriff's Office provides animal control services to the 11 townships (areas outside city limits) in Scott County. The County contracts its animal services through Minnesota Critter Getter.  

Domestic Animals/Pets

The Sheriff's Office takes a community-based approach with an emphasis on education and finding solutions that help make dogs and cats good neighbors. An enforcement approach is taken when public safety is at stake, such as a dog bite, a pet in a roadway, or a dangerous animal is reported. If you have lost or found a domestic animal in any of the 11 townships (outside city limits) of Scott County, please contact Minnesota Critter Getter (info below). You can also contact any nearby police departments.

Impounded Animals

All impounded animals collected by the Sheriff’s Office are held at Minnesota Critter Getter. You can also check Minnesota Critter Getter’s website and Facebook page for found animals. Call 612-358-4414 with questions. 

Wild Animals

Sheriff's Office animal control services are focused on domestic animal issues. We do not remove wild animals (deer, raccoons, eagles, bats, etc.) simply because they are on your property. The Sheriff’s Office recommends the use of Minnesota Critter Getter or other licensed professional pest control companies for removal of problem wildlife.  However, deputies do respond to public safety incidents involving injured or dangerous wildlife.


The Sheriff’s Office will respond to loose livestock in the county. Deputies will work to get the animal off roadways and secured behind fences. Once that is done, deputies will investigate where the animal came from so they can return the animal to the proper owner.

Animal Services within City Limits

If you are in need of animal services within the city limits of Prior Lake, Shakopee, Jordan, Savage, Belle Plaine, or Elko New Market, please contact the police department of that respective town. If you are unsure of the location to be serviced, you can call Scott County Dispatch and they will direct you to the correct agency.

  • Dispatch (emergency):  911
  • Dispatch (non-emergency):  952-445-1411