Recycling Grants

Scott County Environmental Services offers grants to different parts of the community, including schools and businesses, to encourage residents to "think outside the trash." Below you will find summaries, guidelines, and application documents for Scott County's various recycling grants. 


Applicant are encouraged to contact Nick Reishus at [email protected] or 952-496-8707 prior to applying.

Scott County Business Recycling Grant

Funds are available to implement new or increase existing recycling-organic efforts and achieve compliance with State requirements. Grants are available for up to $10,000.00 per organization. 

Recycling, Infrastructure, Innovation and Outreach Grant (RIIO)

Businesses and organizations may apply for funding to increase recycling or enhance the effectiveness of recycling (including reuse; and organics separation, collection, and composting) of Mixed Municipal Solid Waste. The County has a total of $220,000.00 for these grants in 2022. Applications are awarded on a first come first served basis pending qualifications. 

2022 School Green Team Grant (RIIO Subset)

Scott County provides funding to support internal recycling and organics education. Funds up to $1,500.00 per school campus are available to start internal Green Teams and only required a 25% in kind match from Schools. School must work with  Dem-Con’s Green Grades Program to start and host a Green Team for at least 3 years.  

In addition, schools in Scott County are able to apply for grant funds to secure needed recycling and organics infrastructure (bins, sorting tables, labels, and signage). Schools will contact and work with MN Waste Wise to secure grant funding for infrastructure.  

2022 School Infrastructure Grant (RIIO Subset) 

Schools may apply to receive funds to help purchase infrastructure such as sorting tables, bins, labels, and signage to help start or improve recycling and organics collection and diversion programs in cafeterias and school campus buildings. Schools may receive up to $5,000.00 per cafeteria/campus. No match required.

2022 Organic Recycling Collection Site Grant (RIIO Subset)

Scott County has grant funds available for organic and recyclable material collection sites to help increase recycling efforts. A maximum award of up to $25,000.00 per Grantee for organics collection is available. The grantee must provide and show proof of a 25% in-kind or cash match towards the grant dollars awarded by the end of the grant. In-kind match (labor, utility cost, maintenance, and property value) are allowed.

Free Recycling Labels

Free recycling, trash, and organics stickers are available for Scott County businesses, schools, cities, parks, or other organizations. 

Download the catalog (PDF) for ordering information and for a full list of available label options. 

Bin Decals 2022 - recycling
Bin Decals 2022 - organics
Bin Decals 2022 - trash