Info for New Residents

Welcome to Scott County!

Having chosen to call Scott County your home, you are part of a growing, thriving, and dynamic community. From our natural aesthetic beauty to our unique commercial and entertainment venues, more and more people have been discovering that Scott County is a perfect place to live, work, and raise a family. In fact, we have been the fastest growing county in the state of Minnesota for decades.

Although you may have visited us before, you will find that living here has rewards and advantages that simply cannot be found anywhere else. (Just check out Great Scott for an awesome online resource!) Scott County has been blessed with a rich, diverse culture; a keen awareness of and appreciation for history and tradition; an active, participatory citizenry; and a zeal for embracing progressive change and charting the path into the future we share. We're glad you're here!

Now that you're here, do you need to...

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