COVID-19 Response

Community Resources

Our community is coming together to help people in need. Check our COVID-19 Community Resources to find resources for child care, food access, and more. Donation opportunities are also listed on this page.

COVID-19 Surveillance Report

Click here to view the latest information about COVID-19’s presence in Scott County, the State of Minnesota, and nationwide. This opens into a .pdf document.

Are you having problems connecting to the internet during this COVID-19 crisis?

The COVID-19 crisis has heightened home internet connection concerns for some of our rural residents with limited or no internet access options as they work from home, learn at home, and try to stay informed.  As a direct response to this, the Scott County Board -- along with Louisville, Jackson, Sand Creek, and Spring Lake Townships, and City of Shakopee -- recently contracted with Netwave Broadband to quickly make high speed, fixed-wireless internet available to most of those township areas as well as the southwestern portion of Shakopee and eastern portion of Sand Creek.

The service will be capable of speeds of 30 Mbps: 100 Mbps (upload and download) for most of the projected coverage areas (about 2,400 homes).  Netwave discounted their installation by 50 percent and $30 off their monthly service, making Netwave’s starting package $149 for installation and $49 dollars a month for up to 40 Mbps package without a router (and $59 with a router).  Netwave Broadband currently provides high-speed internet service to parts of Blakeley, Jordan, western Sand Creek, and Belle Plaine areas.  

For more information regarding this service, interested residents are encouraged to contact Netwave Broadband at 952-209-0900.

County Buildings & Services Status - Updated 5/15/2020 2:02 PM

All Scott County buildings remain closed, except in very limited urgent circumstances where "appointment only" arrangements can be made. Please understand that, even where services are currently available, there may be some delays in processing due to COVID-19-related disruptions.  Scott County will do everything possible to service our residents in the most effective and efficient way, and we thank you for your patience. Click one of the tabs below to see the operational status of County buildings and services. 

UPDATE:  Scott County Customer Service is now accepting appointments for driver’s license and identification card transactions only. This includes renewals, duplicates for address changes, lost or stolen licenses, upgrades to Real or Enhanced DL/IDs. Please allow ample time for setting an appointment as we will need to ask some health screening questions, go through the types of licenses, and review what documents you will need before scheduling an appointment. Upgrades to RealID or EnhancedID do require additional documentation. 

As you could imagine, there are quite a few people that have been waiting for these services to become available again; as such, we’re experiencing a rather significant increase in calls and emails, which is unfortunately creating longer wait times than we would regularly experience.  We do apologize for the delays our customers are encountering, but do ask for your patience as we catch up on the backlog of questions and requests.  And don’t worry -- we will be in contact as soon as we can.

To save time, please review license options and document requirements on the DVS website prior to your call and have your documents in hand. We will be reviewing documents over the phone to make your visit as safe and efficient as possible by reducing the time we spend face to face. You will be asked to pre-apply for your license during the call – you can do so here.

All other services such as tabs, title transfers, disability certificates, duplicate titles, and other deputy registrar services will continue to be offered through the drop boxes or mail. We are also able to accept applications for marriage licenses via email, fax, mail, or drop box. Please ensure that all transactions left in the drop boxes have a phone number enclosed. Requests will be processed within 48 hours and returned via mail.

Please follow us on Facebook to see our step-by -step videos on how to process transactions during a building closure. Ready to make an appointment? Please call 952-496-8432.

Questions? Call or reach out to us via email at We have staff ready and available to answer your questions as well as to make appointments from 8 AM – 4:30 PM, Monday – Friday.

UPDATE: The Scott County HHW is now open by appointment only. Please visit our website at or call 952-496-8177 to make an appointment for hazardous waste drop off.  We prefer cash, and exact change only for any transactions.  Wearing a face covering is recommended. You may also make an appointment to pick up your compost bin if needed.  ** Note: The Reuse room remains temporarily closed**  

To report an issue with a county building or other county-related item, please use the Report a Concern page.

  1. Jail & Sheriff's Office
  2. Juvenile Alternative Facility (JAF)
  3. Building Inspections
  4. Chemical Health
  5. Child Protection
  6. Child Support
  7. Child & Foster Care Licensing
  8. Community Corrections
  9. Customer Service
  10. Economic Assistance
  11. Elections & Voter Registration
  12. Employment & Training
  13. Home & Community Care
  14. Libraries
  15. Mental Health
  16. Parks
  17. Planning & Environmental Svcs
  18. Property & Taxation Services
  19. Public Health
  20. Roads & Transportation
  21. Veterans

Status of County Buildings & Drop Boxes 

Property Tax Payment Options

  • You may mail taxes.   If mailed, they must be postmarked on or before the due date to be considered on time.
  • Deposit your payment in a drop box (see below). They are located outside the Government Center off 5th Ave West between Fuller and Holmes (there are two drop boxes -- one by the door, one by the mailbox).  Also, the libraries’ book deposit can accept your payment, but the payment must be received by the close of business on Friday, May 15, to be considered on time.  
  • You may pay online at

Unsure if your taxes have already been paid? Visit the blue “Pay Property Taxes Online” button online at to check the amount due. You can search by parcel number or address.

Drop Boxes

  • Drop boxes for documents needing to reach County departments are available outside of the CareerForce (Workforce) Center, Government Center, and Extension offices. 
  • Click the Customer Service tab for more information about what is acceptable for drop boxes. 
  • Property tax payments, applications, and paperwork may be placed in the Drop Box at the Government Center location.
  • Priority documents for official recording (plats, foreclosure documents, construction mortgages, mechanics liens, and court orders) should be recorded by appointment – this can be made by calling (952) 496-8150. If you need to use the drop box (if your documents are time-sensitive), use only the drop boxes at the Government Center and place material in a sealed envelope.

Government Center & Justice Center 

  • Justice Center & Courts - OPEN. Check the Scott County District Court page for the latest information about court operations.
  • DMV Licensing Center - CLOSED. All DPS-DVS Offices statewide are closed, but many transactions can be done here at Scott County via drop box.  Driver’s License extensions have been approved by the legislature.  Click here to learn more!
  • The Scott County Law Library is still offering many of their usual services, click here for more information

CareerForce Center 

  • Building CLOSED. You may call us with questions.
  • Paper applications and other forms are available outside the building for CareerForce services. A secure 24-hour drop box is also available.

Central Shop - CLOSED

DMV Licensing Center -- by appointment only *for some transactions*

  • Visit the License/Permits webpage here for more information.
  • Vehicle Tabs Information
  • Closed - see Libraries tab for information about Curbside Pickup. 

Household Hazardous Waste 
The HHW Facility is closed until at least May 18, with a possibility of arranging for appointments only in the near future. We ask residents to safely store their wastes until we are able to accept these items again.