Health & Human Services

  1. Adoption / Guardianship Unit

    The goal of the Adoption/Guardianship Unit is to ensure that all Scott County children whose parents’ rights were terminated are placed in a permanent adoptive home in a timely manner.

  2. Adult Mental Health

    The Adult Mental Health Unit provides case management and community support services to Scott County adults with a serious and persistent mental illness.

  3. Adult Protection

    The Adult Protective Services Unit, as an agent of the State of Minnesota Department of Human Services, is authorized to investigate the abuse, neglect, and exploitation of an elderly or disabled person, who resides in a community setting, and to provide protective services and community support to that person.

  4. Chemical Dependency Assessments

  5. Child Care Licensing

    The Scott County Child Care Licensing Unit is here to serve as your resource for learning how to locate licensed child care providers or how to become a licensed child care provider.

  6. Child Protection

    Scott County Social Services is the public child welfare agency responsible for responding to community concerns about child safety, child well-being, and family stability.

  7. Child Support

    Child support services are offered through Minnesota counties. Either parent, with or without custody of their children, may receive these services.

  8. Children's Mental Health

    Scott County Children's Mental Health provides case management services for children diagnosed with serious emotional disturbances.

  9. Developmental Disabilities

    Developmental Disabilities is a unit within Scott County Health and Human Services, which provides services to eligible children and adults with disabilities.

  10. Economic Assistance

    Cash and Food assistance programs, Child Care Assistance, County Burial, Health Care, Fraud Investigation and more...

  11. Employment & Training

    Scott County Employment and Training is a division of Health and Human Services Department and a Dakota/Scott Workforce partner.

  12. Foster Care Licensing

    Children are placed in foster care when families are having problems and children cannot safely stay in the home.

  13. Home & Community Care

    The Home and Community Care Programs help people live in the community as independently as possible.

  14. Housing and Homelessness

  15. Mental Health Center

    Mental health is as necessary as physical health. Mental health struggles can affect our life and the lives of those around us. There is help to increase positive mental health and live a mentally healthy life.

  16. Minor Parent Services

    Minor Parent Services were established to assist young mothers in making a plan for themselves and their baby and to make sure needed services are accessed.

  17. New Options

  18. Public Health

    Scott County Public Health provides services to promote healthier living for county residents.

  19. Truancy

    The Diversion Program's efforts first look to assist the student, family, and school in developing a support plan to improve school attendance.

  20. Veterans Service

    Scott County Veterans Service assists veterans of the county, their dependents and survivors, in securing Federal and State benefits provided by law because of their service in the Armed Forces of the United States.