Community Feedback Form

The Scott County Sheriff’s Office values the input of those who live, work, and visit Scott County and we are interested in hearing how we can build safer communities together.

After George Floyd’s death in May 2020, and the response that followed, police leaders, community members, and elected officials across the United States and around the world are looking for collaborative, constructive ways to move public safety efforts forward. We have a collective responsibility to engage in difficult, but critical, conversations – to listen genuinely to, and learn from, one another.  

We are committed to providing quality, professional service to everyone, while continuously striving for improvement. To that end, we are seeking community input to build a better future and invite you to share your thoughts, concerns and to ask questions by completing our online COMMUNITY FEEDBACK FORM.  

We encourage our community members to share their thoughts and ask questions so we can provide some answers. We are hopeful that the feedback we receive will be a starting place for productive dialogue, identifying meaningful solutions, and forming strong community partnerships.  We will post frequently asked questions with answers on this page and plan to schedule in-person or virtual follow-up conversations in the near future.

We care deeply about this community and this profession and will continue to hold all our members to the highest standards of accountability and transparency as we strive each day to foster and preserve the trust and relationship between our office and the community we serve.  

You have the option to remain anonymous on the form - your name is not required; however, if you have specific questions and would like to speak to somebody in our office, please include your contact information in the form.  

About the Scott County Sheriff’s Office: The Sheriff’s Office administers countywide public safety services including 911 dispatching, records management and the county jail.  The Sheriff’s Office is the primary law enforcement provider to the 10 townships and the City of Credit River, and works in conjunction with local police departments to provide resources for investigations, crime scene processing and K9 units to improve the safety of our communities.

If you have a question or comment regarding one of the CITY POLICE DEPARTMENTS in Scott County, we encourage you to CONTACT THEM DIRECTLY as we cannot speak on their behalf.

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