Name/Address Change on Permit to Carry

Within 30 days of a name or address change, you must provide the Sheriff's Office with your new information.  

Please note the following:

  • Changes MUST be made with the county in which your permit was originally issued (noted on your Permit to Carry card) unless you are also renewing your permit – allowable 90 days before the expiration date – and have moved to a different county.  
    • Example: You were issued a permit from Dakota County and you recently moved to Scott County. Your permit doesn't expire for two more years. You must update your address with Dakota County. If you choose to renew your permit in two years and you still live in Scott County, you must renew with the Scott County Sheriff's Office.
  • Changes can be made in person at our customer service window or by mail (with payment and necessary copies - see below). We are located on the 2nd floor of the Law Enforcement Center (Sheriff's Office), 301 Fuller Street South, Shakopee, Minnesota.  
  • You must update your driver’s license before coming in to the Sheriff’s Office. If you reside in Scott County, you can update your driver's license at Customer Service in the Government Center (across the street from the Sheriff's Office). 
  • Your voided driver's license, along with the temporary license paperwork, will be accepted (you do not need to wait for your new driver's license to come in the mail).
  • You will be asked to complete the first page of the State Application Form to Carry a Pistol (PDF) (also available at our customer service window).
  • We will make a color copy of your driver’s license/paperwork and current Permit to Carry card.
  • There is a $10 fee (cash, check or charge accepted). 
  • Your card can usually be printed while you wait and you will be given a receipt for your payment.