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About Demolition Permits

State building code requires that permit be obtained any time a building or structure is demolished.  MN State Statute 326B and Administrative Rule 1300.0120

There are also state and local environmental requirements for how that demolition or waste from a structure is managed, either before or after the demolition occurs.

Program History

Scott County prohibited the burning or burying of all Solid waste, including household garbage, farm waste, and demolition from all buildings over 30 years ago when the County Board adopted a resolution determining that regularly scheduled pickup of waste was reasonably available to all residents.

Because State building code requires the permit, but state and local environmental rules require the removal and proper disposal of the all waste from the demolition itself, both the Scott County Building and Environmental Departments are required to review and approve demolition permits.

As part of the Demo Permit application, applicants are required to submit a site plan with their application. Scott County staff will also inspect the property to ensure all waste from the demolition has been properly removed and not burned or buried on site. County Environmental staff may required proof of proper disposal through receipts and may require copies of the state required Asbestos Notification form.


Any questions should be directed to Scott County Building Inspections or Environmental staff.