Traffic Signal on CH 27 and Connelly Parkway

Project Details

  • Construction Year: 2020 (signal) and 2021 (ADA sidewalk improvements)
  • Community: City of Savage
  • Corridor Served: CH 27
  • Project Lead: Scott County
  • Contractor: Egan Company
  • Construction Start Date: November 18, 2020
  • Completion Date: April 30, 2021


A traffic signal with pedestrian ADA sidewalk improvements will be constructed  at the intersection of CH 27 (Dakota Avenue) and Connelly Parkway in the City of Savage.

Purpose & Justification

Operational issues have been identified at this intersection. During both the A.M. and P.M. peak hours it can be difficult for motorists on Connelly Parkway to select a proper gap to cross or turn left onto CH 27. Also, recent multi-unit housing development to the west of the intersection will increase the traffic flow through the intersection. Traffic modeling determined a signal is warranted at this intersection given the increased amount of traffic experienced due to development. A traffic signal will improve operations and safety by assigning right-of-way for each movement of traffic through the intersection.