Children's Mental Health

COVID-19 Updated 3/19 10:30 AM

Due to the COVID-19 emergency, effectively immediately Children’s Mental Health Case Managers will not be offering in-person visits.  In the meantime all visits with CMH Case Managers will be held via video conferencing, phone calls, e-mails or texts.  In some situations, where safety is involved, an in-person meeting with a case manager will be provided. 

During this time, should you need crisis services please contact Scott County Mental Health Center Crisis Services at 952-496-8481 or Canvas Mobile Mental Health at 952-818-3702.  If you are interested in or need of CMH case management services, please contact  Scott County Central Intake at 952-445-7751.

About the Services

Scott County Children's Mental Health provides case management services for children diagnosed with serious emotional disturbances. Case management is a service that helps children/families get connected with supports/services to meet their mental health needs.

Children’s Mental Health Case Management is child centered, family focused, and provided within the community, with the needs of the child and family dictating the types of services provided.

Apply for Services

To apply for services, a parent or professional must call Scott County Health and Human Services Intake at 952-445-7751 and request Children’s Mental Health Case Management Services.

Desired Outcomes

  • Better understanding of mental health issues and how they affect children and families
  • Improved ability for parents to address their children’s mental health needs
  • Reduced stress levels at home
  • Improved family relationships
  • Improved family functioning
  • Improved functioning with friends
  • Improved functioning in school
  • Improved functioning in the community
  • Reduction in aggressive behavior
  • Less incidents of self harm behavior
  • Reduced hospital admissions
  • Less incidents of suicidal ideation
  • Less calls to law enforcement
  • Improved mental health stability