Emerging Readers

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Welcome to our Emerging Readers Guide! We developed this page to help parents choose just-right books for little ones. On this page, you'll find information about developing a reader, recommended reading lists, and other resources to support your child as they begin learning the basics of reading.

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Wondering what's normal for your child at this stage? An early / emerging reader (PreK - 2nd grade) is just beginning to learn how to read independently with assistance from an adult. They are developing Early Reading Skills like:

  • Phonemic Awareness - memorizing alphabet letters by sight and sound, and applying that knowledge to sound out new words
  • Recognizing Sight Words - memorizing simple, high-frequency words by sight without needing to sound them out (examples: the, and, they, no, yes)
  • Fluency - reading smoothly and with expression, with some pauses to identify words
  • Basic Vocabulary - absorbing common words and using them in sentences
  • Comprehension - understanding the gist of what they read and recalling 2-3 important details  

Learn more about the Five Pillars of Reading Development in this Reading is Fundamental video on YouTube.