Minor Parent Services

About the Services

Minor Parent Services were established to assist young mothers in making a plan for themselves and their baby and to make sure needed services are accessed.

MN State Statute 257.33 dictates:

“Every birth to a minor shall be reported by the hospital where the birth occurs, within three working days after the birth. The hospital shall make the report to the social services agency in the county in which the minor mother resides and shall notify the minor that the report has been made. The county social services agency shall contact any minor who does not have a case manager who resides in the county and determine whether she has a plan for herself and her child.”


  • Teens who are under the age of 18 and pregnant. 
  • Teens who are under the age of 18 and already parenting.
  • Teen mothers who have been identified on the 72-hour birth report (per MN Statute).

Provided Services

  • Outreach assistance to pregnant or parenting teens for service/resource referrals. A sample of these include: counseling, financial and medical assistance, housing options, childcare options, and paternity or child support services.
  • Assistance for the pregnant or parenting teen in establishing a plan for herself and her child.
  • Resource referrals to appropriate agencies to assist with decision making regarding an unplanned pregnancy.

Frequently Requested Resource Information