Moraine Addition Housing Subdivision

  • Location: County-owned land at NW corner of County Highway (CH) 16 and CH 18
  • Project Partner: Scott County Community Development Agency
  • Funding Source: American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA)

Status Update

Updated July 31, 2023

  • On July 18, 2023, the Scott County Board of Commissioners awarded the Moraine Addition Housing Trust project construction contract to S.M. Hentges & Sons.
  • Construction activities including tree clearing, utility installation, grading, and street improvements are scheduled to begin in August 2023.


The Scott County Board of Commissioners, in partnership with the Scott County Community Development Agency (CDA) has identified a project using American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds to utilize excess County-owned land near the north CH 16 and CH 18 intersection in Shakopee to support single-family entry level homeownership. The subject properties were acquired by Scott County in 1992-1994 as part of the Bloomington Ferry Bridge project and CH 18 construction. 

In 2019, after identifying potential opportunity County-owned sites for the CDA's Community Land Trust program, this site was selected by the CDA because of the residential character of the area, the availability of municipal utilities (sewer and water), and the ability to create a small subdivision compatible with the design types and sizes of single-family housing in the immediate area. The CDA is utilizing Scott County funding from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) to facilitate the construction of the street and public utilities. Upon project completion, the platted lots will be transferred to the CDA, and the CDA will develop the housing on the lots. The CDA is currently building four homes in New Prague with building costs around $400,000 per unit. The one-time upfront investment (anticipated around $75,000-100,000) that reduces the price of the home to an eligible buyer will keep the home affordable for future buyers due to the shared equity model of the Community Land Trust program. To learn more visit the CDA's Community Land Trust program website.

The proposed development includes the creation of 10 detached single-family residential lots as part of the Scott CDA’s Community Land Trust program. A previous request was made to amend the comprehensive plan and zoning map in July 2022 in support of a 15-lot development. Public input identified concerns with increased traffic at the Portage Lane & Eagle Creek Blvd (CH 16) intersection and impacts to the existing woodland. In response, the CDA has revised the proposal to address neighborhood concerns. 


The proposed housing subdivision would assist in moving the county further toward its 2025 goal to increase the supply of entry level homeownership. The community land trust model represents an alternative that can assist households to bridge the gap between rental home and traditional home ownership. The CDA has been building this new program over the past couple years and currently has existing trust homes in Shakopee with projects in development in other communities. 

Project Schedule

  • Concept Development: Spring/Summer 2022
  • Final Design: Fall 2022
  • Shakopee Planning Commission and City Council Meetings: December 2022
  • Subdivision Infrastructure Construction: 2023
  • Housing Construction: TBD

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