Foster Care Training

About Scott County Foster Care Training

Foster Care provider training is separated into 3 main categories:

Annual Training Requirements 

Adult Foster Care

Adult foster care providers with 0-5 years of licensure or experience must complete 12 hours of annual training. Adult foster care providers the 6 or more years of licensure or experience must complete 6 hours of annual training.

Child Foster Care

Child foster care providers are required to complete a minimum of 12 hours of training annually. Some of the trainings are free and some of the trainings have a fee. For those classes that require payment, reimbursement is possible. Scott County will reimburse foster care providers for half of your training costs, provided your attendance is pre-approved by your licensor. Just submit your (1) Certificate of Attendance and (2) your receipt of payment for the training. Please contact your licensor if you have any questions.

Further Information