On-Going Training

Once you completed your application and have successfully become licensed with Scott County, you will be required to complete 12 hours of annual training. Courses are offered online and through various organizations. These training organizations and opportunities are listed below. Additionally, local newspapers and community education often print upcoming training opportunities.

Scott County Foster Care asks that each provider completes the MN Child Welfare Training System series within one year of being licensed. Included in this series are 12 modules/topic that are each 3 hours in length. This 12-module series is designed to help give you the information and tools needed to get you started as a foster care provider, adoptive parent or kinship provider. Also provided, are a full Description of the Modules (PDF).

The agencies that are offering registration for this training series include:
 Additional Resources
  • A list of Additional Training Resources (PDF) has been compiled to assist you in seeing your options to perform the required annual training.
  • Online Video Training is available as an on-going training resource.
  • The Scott County Foster Care Licensors also hold additional trainings which will be posted when available.