Referral Agency

Admission to the Scott County Juvenile Alternative Facility (JAF) is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Visit the JAF main webpage for general information pertaining to the programs and services, eligibility, and length of service. Specific, detailed information regarding admissions criteria of interest to referring agencies are outlined here.

Medical clearance is required for youth with a serious medical condition, or suicidal behavior, youth under the influence of a foreign substance, actively psychotic, or in need of immediate medical attention.

Admissions Criteria

Additional resident acceptance is based on the youth's individual situation and the resource limitations of the facility.

Limitations to Acceptance

  • Youth with a documented IQ score below 70
  • Youth demonstrating sexually abusive behaviors are determined on a case-by-case basis
  • Adjudicated youth sex offenders - must be attending approved treatment and/or therapy or program
  • Extended Juvenile Jurisdiction (EJJ) youth - requires completing the referral process, the facility case manager and supervisor(s) determine it appropriate
  • Pregnant youth - requires youth to be in her first-trimester and receiving prenatal physician care
  • Youth with document disabilities - sufficient resources and qualified staff must be available

Resource Limitations

  • Maximum capacity of 16 residents
  • Beds are limited. If the beds are full in a particular gender group, please contact a supervisor for approval to double bunk

Make a Referral

A referral form for referring agents and agencies must be submitted to initiate the admission process. Be sure to enter all of the information on the Referral Form and fax it back to the JAF at 952-496-8955.

Provide Feedback

Once a resident completes his or her stay, we strongly encourage referral agents to provide feedback by completing our online survey.