Apply for Case Management Services

Applying for Case Management

If you are interested in applying for case management in the Developmental Disabilities Unit, please call MnCHOICES Intake at 952-496-8556.

The Developmental Disabilities (DD) Unit has Case Managers who specialize in resources for people of all ages*. 

  • Your initial request for case management services will begin with a MnCHOICES comprehensive assessment conducted by a Certified Assessor to determine eligibility for various Social Services programs and resources, along with a Rule 185 Case Management Determination process. 
  • You will also be required to complete county paperwork and provide documentation of the individual's disability. This information will be used in determining eligibility for the applicant. A Case Manager will be assigned if the applicant is found eligible for Rule 185 Case Management.

*The referral must be made by applicant or their legal representative. Assistance in making the referral may be offered, if needed.

Required Paperwork

  • A copy of applicant’s social security card
  • A copy of applicant’s birth certificate
  • A recent psychological evaluation showing diagnosis of intellectual disability - Including IQ and adaptive testing
  • Medical diagnosis of a related condition (if applicable)
  • All diagnoses and adaptive testing must be recent
  • Most recent Individual Education Plan (if applicable)
  • Comprehensive 3 year assessment from school (if applicable)

If you have further questions, please call 952-496-8556.

Special Education Services

In addition to DD case management services, children may access special education services through their local school districts. Children from birth to 5 years of age can be referred through Help Me Grow at 952-496-5059 or 866-693-4769, or visit the Help Me Grow website.