Land Records

We are still currently processing electronic document recordings, mail and drop box documents. 

For plat recordings and priority documents (ie. construction mortgages, Sheriff foreclosures, and certificate of redemptions), please call 952-496-8150 to schedule an appointment. 

About Us

The Scott County Land Records Department is responsible for recording and housing documents from real estate transactions related to property within Scott County. Mortgages, deeds, assignments, releases, and satisfactions are the most commonly recorded documents. 

Forms & Informational Resources

Please note: The Scott County Land Records Department is not responsible for providing legal forms, assistance completing them, or legal advice. We strongly suggest consulting a legal advisor or a title company.

Land Records Information Database

The Scott County Land Records information site provides access to information maintained by Scott County for individual parcels of property through a service called RecordEASE.

The following functions are available: