Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

ScottGIS3 (SG3)

ScottGIS3 (SG3)  is a mapping application that makes searching for parcel information easy. Simply enter an address or parcel ID number, and the map will automatically zoom to your parcel and display a host of related property information. In addition, SG3 provides access to 120 other layers with accompanying information. Enhanced tools (widgets) are also provided for drawing/measuring, map printing, mailing labels, imagery, and custom map views. 


Licensed Family Child Care Providers

Browse licensed family child care providers within Scott County. Providers can be located by their specific name or address. Use the Providers Near Me tool to find providers in proximity to a specific address or location on the map. Use the Layers to view additional information like School locations, districts, and attendance boundaries.

Family Child Care Providers

GIS Open Data

The Scott County Open Data website allows users to explore and download Scott County's authoritative GIS data (Roads, Parcels, Address Points, and more) free of charge.

In addition to GIS data, users also have unrestricted access to our premade maps (Highway Map and more) mapping applications, and online map services. For regional data outside of Scott County, please visit the Minnesota Geospatial Commons.

Open Data

Waste Navigator

Use the Waste Navigator to find local recycling, waste, and household hazardous waste  disposal locations. Filter locations based on waste accepted or browse waste items from a list. Helpful recycling and disposal information is also provided. 

Waste Navigator