Transportation Policy

Transportation may be provided only to the V.A. Medical Centers and/or Federal Building at Fort Snelling for veterans or dependents of veterans who are unable to drive themselves or find someone to take them.

Rules & Requirements

  • All passengers and driver must wear seat belts. Wheelchairs will be secured when van is running or moving.
  • Each individual riding the van must bring a picture ID. If you have an appointment letter, bring that as well.
  • Anyone who must board the van using the handicap lift must be seated in a wheelchair while the lift is in motion. If client must remain in wheelchair throughout the trip they must be accompanied by an aide or caregiver.
  • No smoking allowed in the van. No food consumed in the van. If a beverage must be taken it shall be a plastic bottle with cover.
  • No profanity will be tolerated. Passengers must be clean and well groomed.
  • The Veterans Service Office will determine pickup points.
  • First time users of the van need to provide a copy of their DD214 and their Social Security number.
  • Spouses may go along if space permits and they are ambulatory themselves.
  • Should it become necessary for you to leave the VAMC for any reason (i.e.: lunch, etc.), prior to the van’s departure, you must notify the driver.

Provide Notice

We would appreciate at least 24 hours notice if you plan to ride the van. Van goes to the V.A. Medical Center Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday per scheduled appointments. Please schedule your appointments for one of those days and preferably before 2:30 P.M. In case the trip needs to be cancelled (inclement weather, etc.); you will be notified by telephone. Call 952-496-8176 to schedule a ride.

Emergency Procedures

If an emergency should arise and the Medical Center is evacuated, immediately go to the parking lot where our van is parked – the driver will meet you there.


This service is provided free of charge and is authorized by our County Commissioners. If you appreciate it, tell your District Commissioner. Without feedback they’ll never know.