Public Values Incentive Program

Scott County has promoted an innovative development approach over the past decade where the County and township takes a more flexible approach to the land development process. The 2030 Comprehensive Plan first established this voluntary development option that puts the focus on creating quality residential neighborhoods, rather than meeting basic subdivision and zoning codes. The 2040 Comprehensive Plan continues to promote this program.


This innovative option, known as the Public Values Incentive Program, encourages the private sector into a collaborative development track that could include density bonuses in exchange for public values that promote varied housing options, improve public infrastructure systems, and encourage natural resource protection. 

Discussions with staff, the township, and the Planning Commission begin at the conceptual development phase, working with prospective developers or landowners up front at pre-application meetings to identify public values inherent of the property before any money is invested in site design or engineering. This results in a smooth development process that ensures integration of community goals and a more defined set of expectations for developers, which may lead to fewer time delays, cost savings and better subdivision designs.