Emergency Preparedness

Scott County Public Health works to ensure the community is prepared for a public health emergency. Emergencies can range from a family crisis to an environmental disaster. Scott County Public Health provides educational information and physical assistance to help community members through times of crisis. During an emergency, Public Health works closing with Scott County Emergency Management. Visit the Scott County Emergency Management page for more information on what you can do to keep your family safe.

Individual and Family Preparedness

Know what you are going to do in the event of an emergency. Creating a plan prior to an emergency or disaster can be one of the most important steps you can take to ensure you and your families safety. Emergencies can happen anytime and your family may not be together when it happens. Every family member should know what to do in the event of an emergency. Here are some helpful links to create your own Emergency Plan.

American Red Cross


CDC's Prepare Your Health

Do 1 Thing Factsheets (PDF)

Health Emergencies

Every emergency is locate, meaning help will come from those immediately available. Additional help may take time to arrive. Scott County Public Health assisting with coordinating, planning and communicating with the public in the event of a public health emergency in Scott County. A sample of these emergencies include food-borne illnesses outbreaks, chemical spills, natural disasters, disease outbreak, or acts of bio-terrorism. In a public health emergency, Scott County may organize a mass distribution site to dispense medicine to community members. Scott County Public Health will also provide educational information related to public health emergencies.

Emergency Communications

In times of crisis, the best way to ease the minds of loved ones is a simple phone call. Unfortunately, calling may not be simple during an emergency. It is important that family emergency plans consider how they will reunite in the event of an emergency and lack of telephone service.