Highway Permits

How to Apply for a Permit

Until further notice, all highway permits will be conducted electronically through our ePermitting Site

  • Use the tabs below to learn more about using the ePermit site. 
  • For questions concerning permits, please contact Curt Anderson at 952-496-8487.
  • For all other questions including payments please call 952-496-8346 or email [email protected].

About our Permit Program

The Highway Department administers a permit program with an objective of preventing damage to roadways and maintaining traffic safety and convenience.

The objective is accomplished through a permit process that controls installation of utilities and other physical changes within County rights-of-way and a transportation permit system that regulates oversized loads.

Prior to obtaining an approved utility permit, the applicant and contractor must be registered with the County. Please allow 24 hours for moving permit processing and up to two weeks for all other permits to be processed.

  1. Register For A Permit
  2. Submit A Permit
  3. Do I Need A Driveway Permit?
  4. Resources & Specifications
  5. Permit Type Definitions

You must submit a Registration Form online with Scott County Transportation Services prior to applying for a permit: Visit the Connex Site to register

  • A Registration Form can be submitted at the same time as an application.
  • This registration is required annually. A $30.00 fee is due upon registration. 
  • Even if you have previously registered, you will need fill out a new registration form  in order to submit your current Certificate of Insurance (COI). We will no longer accept a COI that is faxed, emailed or mailed to us.

Scott County’s Ordinance No. 22, Management of the Public Right of Way requires:

  • Fees where applicable, prior to issuing permits.
  • A permit for any work within the County Right of Way.
  • A permit before constructing an approach or access connection, such as a driveway, street, or field entrance, to the County highway system.
  • A permit before installation of any utilities within the County Highway Right of Way.
  • Approval by the County Engineer for special activities impacting County roadways. Requests must be made in writing to the County Engineer.
  • A permit to allow low-maintenance landscape plantings on County Highway Right of Way. Permittee will be responsible for maintenance.