Driveway Permit

You will need a driveway permit:
  • If your property fronts on a county right-of-way and you wish to create a driveway that will connect to the public road, you must obtain a county access permit.
  • If you have an existing, non-permitted driveway and no structures on your property, and are coming to the department for development permit(s), you will be required to obtain a permit to bring your driveway access up to current standards.
  • If you will be accessing from a private road that does not exist, a right-of-way use construction permit will be required to construct the private road intersection to the county road.
  • But not If you access your property from an existing private road.

Prior to obtaining an approved driveway permit, the applicant and contractor must be registered with the County. Please allow up to two weeks for driveway permits to be processed.

For more information please view the Application for Residential or Field Access Permit (PDF).