Morris A. Miller Awards

Purpose of the Award

The purpose of the Morris A. Miller award is to recognize and honor individuals or organizations within Scott County that have exhibited exceptional courage, extraordinary decisiveness and presence of mind, and unusual swiftness of action to save and protect human life and property during emergency events involving the citizens and visitors of Scott County.


In 2002, the Scott County Emergency Medical Services Council (EMSAC) established a “Health Hero Award/Outstanding Service Award” to honor those individuals and organizations that have performed service above and beyond the call of duty for their fellow citizens experiencing medical need.

The awards were named the “Morris A. Miller Health Hero Award/Outstanding Service Award” in honor of the late Morris A. Miller. Mr. Miller was highly respected in the EMS Community and had worked diligently for many years in the area of pre-hospital care in Scott County and throughout the metro area. His achievements in the realm of public service establish the goals and objectives of the awards presented each year by Scott County.

In 2013, the Scott County All Hazards Committee decided to add a third award honoring individuals for their length of service in consistently performing volunteer or community based work or employment involving emergency medical services.

Award Process

The Scott County Public Health Department assumes the overall responsibility for establishing the award criteria and identifying those individuals or organizations eligible for the awards. Nominee applications are submitted to the Public Health Department for review.

Parties receiving the Morris A. Miller Health Hero Award, Outstanding Service Award, or the Distinguished Service Award will be invited to attend a Scott County Board meeting for award presentation and recognition of their heroic efforts.

Awards and Eligibility Criteria

Morris A. Miller Health Hero Award

Individuals who make a spontaneous reaction to an emergency while not thinking of their own safety during an unusual medical or lifesaving incident. Nominees could be any citizen living, working, or passing through Scott County at the time of the incident who reacts to an incident and renders aid and care.

Previous Recipients

Morris A. Miller Outstanding Service Award

Professionals or volunteers who have made significant contributions toward improving the health and safety of Scott County residents as well as others in their care. Nominees could be practitioners, advocates, administrators, volunteers, educators, researchers, policymakers, or other community members or organizations whose contributions should be recognized.

Previous Recipients

Morris A. Miller Distinguished Service Award

Individuals who have consistently performed community based work with emergency medical services, over a long period of time. Nominees could be practitioners, advocates, administrators, volunteers, educators, researchers, policymakers, or other community members or organizations whose long-standing contributions and performance should be recognized. 

Nominations Process

Please review the Morris A. Miller Awards Guidelines (PDF) for complete nomination and application process. 

All applications for the Morris A. Miller Awards must be submitted to the Scott County Public Health Department. Submission may be sent by fax, email, or U.S. mail.