Disease Prevention & Control

Scott County Public Health offers a variety of services and health information in order to prevent the spread of diseases and achieve overall wellness in our community.

Controlling infectious diseases is perhaps the oldest and most basic of all public health responsibilities. For decades it was the primary duty of local health boards. Today, it remains the job of local health departments working together with the Minnesota Department of Health.
The Disease Prevention and Control team at Scott County Public Health works to support the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) by serving as a resource on infectious diseases that are making people sick in the community. Accurate and timely reporting of these diseases is important to control the spread of disease. This allows for outbreaks to be identified early, at a time when control measures are likely to be effective in preventing additional cases.
  1. Disease Reporting
  2. Lead Poisoning
  3. Health at Home
  4. Perinatal Hepatitis B
  5. Refugee Health Exams
  6. Tuberculosis Medication Program

Who needs to report a disease?

Under state law the following professionals are required to report diseases, suspected diseases and death to the Minnesota Department of Health:

  • Physicians
  • Health care facilities
  • Medical laboratories
  • Veterinarians and veterinary medical laboratories (in certain circumstances)
  • Any person in charge of an institution, school, child care facility or camp has the option to report a disease.  

Diseases That Must Be Reported

The Minnesota Department of Health created a Reportable Disease Poster (PDF) that provides the names of diseases and time-lines for the reporting. 

Additional information on reportable diseases can be found on the Minnesota Department of Health website.

How to Report a Disease

There are various ways to report a disease. Visit the Minnesota Department of Health for information on How to Report.

Call Scott County Public Health at 952-496-8555 if you have questions about reporting.

Disease Information for Child Care Settings & Schools

One resource that is very helpful for settings that serve children is the Infectious Diseases for Childcare Settings and Schools. This manual, containing information on infection prevention and fact sheets on specific diseases is now online, and available at the Hennepin County website. Call Scott County Public Health at 952-496-8555 if you have questions about the content of the manual, or any other concern.