Lake Permits

Marine Events

In accordance with MN Statute 86B.121: "A person may not hold or sponsor any scheduled or public race, regatta, tournament or other competition or exhibition, or trial race on water or ice, whether or not involving watercraft, without first having obtained a written permit from the sheriff of the county where the event is to originate."

Marine Event Permit Application Instructions

You are required by MN Statute § 86B.121 to have a written permit prior to holding or sponsoring any scheduled or public race, regatta, tournament or other competition or exhibition, or trial race on water or ice. Scott County does not charge a fee for this permit.

  • The Organization shall obtain a non-cancellable Comprehensive General Liability policy with coverage in an amount not less than one million dollars per single occurrence. The insurance policy must name “Scott County” as an additional insured. Scott County does not waive the monetary limits on municipal tort liability established by applicable law including but not limited to Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 466. 

For your application to be considered you must have the following: 

  1. Original Application form completed and signed by an individual duly authorized to legally bind the organization named on the application. The original form must be submitted online, mailed, or dropped off at the Scott County Sheriff‘s Office (301 Fuller Street, Shakopee MN 55379) at least twenty-one (21) days prior to the event. 
  2. A Certificate of Insurance or other acceptable proof of non-cancellable liability insurance in an amount not less than one million dollars per single occurrence naming “Scott County” as an additional insured. This item may be must be included with your application.
  3. A letter of permission OR a permit from the city or the cities the event will originate and conclude in.
  4. A detailed map of any race course / competition area/event area and the brochure / pamphlet that has information about the event, including advertising and a sample of entry form if applicable. 

Other Application Requirements

Please note for any proposed event, on water or ice, the following may be applicable.

  • Fishing Tournaments: You will need a permit from Scott County Sheriff’s Office AND possibly the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Visit the DNR's Fishing Tournaments Regulations page for more information.

  • Events on the Minnesota River - Coast Guard Permit Needed: A United States Coast Guard permit must also be obtained. For more information, visit the Coast Guard's Marine Event Permit Online Form. The USCG permit must be included with your application. 

  • Selling or Giving Away Food: If food items will be sold or given away during the event, a license or permit for food may be required. More information is available by contacting the Minnesota Department of Health and/or the Scott County Health Department.

  • Alcohol Beverage Sales: If alcoholic beverages will be sold during the event, training and a permit to sell alcohol may be required. Contact the city if the body of water is inside the city limits one of the municipalities in Scott County.  Otherwise, defer back to Scott County to satisfy necessary permits and, as necessary, contact the Minnesota Licensed Beverage Association for more information regarding necessary training.

How & When to Submit

Please submit online, mail or email: The Original Application Form, Certificate of Insurance, and all other required proof of permission/permits 21 days prior to your event. Marine Event application packets not submitted 21 days prior to the event are subject to delay and/or refusal. Failure to do so deems your event not permitted and unauthorized to take place. 

Temporary Structures

With regard to a Temporary Structures (includes Buoys (150 ft shoreline), Swim Rafts, Trampolines, etc.): MN Rule 6110.1800 states, “No person shall leave any temporary structure not extending from shore, or any buoy or sign in the waters of this state between the hours of sunset and sunrise without first obtaining a permit in writing therefore from the Sheriff of the county.”

***Application Process for Temporary Structures (Excluding Slalom Courses)***

As of 2017, the Sheriff's Office no longer automatically updates temporary structure permits each year. Applicants will need to apply online and the permit will be good for the next five (5) years from the date of your application. If you already have a permit, you will still need to re-apply. However, you may keep your current permit number already assigned to you as long as you indicate that number in the application. 


If you have any questions regarding marine permits, please contact Recreation Safety Deputy Max Kes by phone at 952-496-8330 or by email

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