Build-Out Summary

Detailed Area Plan (DAP) Build-Out

The 2030 Comprehensive Plan guided the DAP area for ultimate rural residential development at densities supported by sustainable on-site wastewater management systems. Currently, this pattern of development allows rural estate lots (at an average density of one unit per 2.5 acres) in the southern half of Credit River Township. Upon completion of the DAP study, this pattern will be allowed within Spring Lake Township and the eastern portion of New Market Township. Long-term, this pattern is planned to be extended into the remaining portion of the DAP area (Cedar Lake and the western portion of New Market Township). In 2008, Scott County Community Development conducted a build-out scenario of the study area to determine how many total residential lots could ultimately exist assuming this change in rural residential density.

DAP Build Out Area Map

DAP Build-Out Map

Currently, there are approximately 3,100 homes and about 7,700 people living within the DAP area. Based on the amount of develop-able land available in the study area and assuming an average density of one unit per 2.5 acres, preliminary findings from this analysis show that approximately 12,600 homes, or 31,500 people, will be living in the study area at time of full build-out. Projecting development trends since 1990, the population would reach 20,000 by 2030 and full build-out of the study area would occur around the year 2060.

This build-out estimate will be used throughout the major components of the DAP study to help assess the impacts of additional homes on traffic, groundwater availability, surface water quality, public services, etc.