Environmental Services

  1. Household Hazardous Waste

    Gather information about Scott County's Household Hazardous Waste program, disposal information and schedules.

  2. Business Hazardous Waste

    Find information on how to become a licensed hazardous waste generator, dispose of business waste, the Scott County VSQG program, and generator training seminars.

  3. Septic Systems

    Find information on Scott County's septic loan program, commonly asked septic questions, as well as how to apply for a septic permit.

  4. Watershed Management

    Watershed Management in Scott County is divided into four jurisdictions: Scott Watershed Management Organization is the largest and operated by the county. Scott County Vermillion Joint Powers, Lower Minnesota River Watershed District, and Prior Lake - Spring Lake Watershed District comprise the rest of Scott County's watershed management partners. All work together to improve water resources.

  5. Natural Resources

    The Natural Resources Program plans for the preservation, management, and protection of natural resources in Scott County.

  6. Recycling & Solid Waste Management

    Find information on city sponsored recycling collections, the master recycler program and the disposal of different problem materials.

  7. Environment

    Explore current environmental reviews, groundwater maps, and resources for protecting your drinking water and health