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About Environmental Reviews

Environmental Reviews examine certain proposed projects to identify potential impacts so that damage to Minnesota's environmental resources can be avoided or minimized through modifications of the project.

Environmental Assessment Worksheets (EAW)

A document providing basic information about a project that may have the potential for significant environmental effects; the EAW is prepared by the Responsible Governmental Unit (RGU) and used by the RGU to determine whether an Environmental Impact Statement should be prepared.

Environmental Impact Statements (EIS)

A thorough study of each project that has the potential for significant environmental impacts. This includes evaluation of alternatives and mitigation plans.

Alternative Urban Areawide Reviews (AUAR)

A hybrid of the EAW and EIS review processes, the AUAR uses a standard list of questions adapted from the EAW providing a level of analysis, of typical urban area impacts, comparable to an EIS. The review’s key feature is that its subject is a development scenario, or several scenarios, for an entire geographical area rather than a specific project.

More Information

For further, in-depth information concerning the Environmental Review process (PDF), please visit Minnesota's Citizen's Guide to Environmental Reviews.